Graz's Vision

Graz is a rapidly expanding city with a population that is expected to double by 2050. Located in a geographical basin, the city has difficulties with local air quality and is looking to invest in cleaner energy and transport which will help it to grow sustainably while maintaining a high quality of life.

Needs Assessment

Graz has identified two areas for redevelopment: SC Waagner Biro and Graz Reinighaus. These are busy districts in the centre of the city with active, engaged populations.

Particular difficulties identified in these districts include:

  • High energy usage
  • Air pollution
  • Reliance on traditional fossil fuels
  • Heavy reliance on motor-driven private transport

Replication Plan

As a follower city within GrowSmarter, Graz aims to work with Stockholm, Cologne and Barcelona to:

  • Maximise resource efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduce land consumption for buildings and infrastructure
  • Construct compact, energy-optimised building structures
  • Optimise development of public transport infrastructure

Christian Nussmüller is leading the replication process for Graz.


12 Smart Solutions

Click on the headings below to find out which of the 12 Smart Solutions Graz is planning to replicate: